Did you know that eating the wrong foods can be dangerous for your body post-surgery? If you find yourself laying in a hospital bed post-surgery, eating awful hospital food, it’s important to know the nurses aren’t doing it to be mean.

Instead, they are providing you with the best food to help with your recovery post-surgery.

Before you get your friends and family to sneak in those delicious high-fat and high-salt snacks, it’s crucial to know what food can compromise your recovery. Number four and eight may have you scratching your head…

. Dairy Products

If you’ve had surgery on your stomach or surrounding area, then you should know dairy products are on the banned list.

While the thought of cheese can have you salivating, the idea of painful constipation should have you putting that wedge back.

If you eat dairy products such as cheese, you increase your chances of constipation which can put stress on your incision. What’s more, if you have a cough, the thicker phlegm caused by dairy can prove troublesome too.

2. Sugary Food

Just like dairy products, sweet food such as cake and candy are also off the menu. Even though they may look appetizing, they can cause constipation, increased pain, and stress on your wound.

What’s more, they offer very little nutritional value anyway, which means you may put your recovery on the backfoot if you’re choosing cake over carrots.

. Dried Fruit

With the exception of prunes which have all kinds of unexpected benefits, dried fruits should be left off your post-surgery recovery menu.

When you’re already feeling sore and uncomfortable, dried fruits can add to that level of discomfort. Too much can cause gastrointestinal problems, weight gain which can be troublesome when you’re off your feet, as well as a sugar crash and asthma complications.

If you’re already uncomfortable, put the dried apricots down and reach for the broccoli instead.

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