4. Alcohol

When you have surgery, you can often be left with a scar. While you aren’t going to look like Frankenstein after straightforward surgery, you will see the wound site.

However, to give your skin the best chance of healing, don’t be celebrating your surgery success with a glass of Champagne. Instead, avoid alcohol because it can hinder your skin’s repair process.

Alcohol affects your nutrient absorption ability, as well putting the brakes on cell maintenance.

5. Coffee and Caffeine Products

Even if caffeine is an anti-oxidant with a host of benefits, it’s less helpful post-surgery. When you drink a lot of caffeine, your body can’t absorb nutrients as easily – nutrients you need to heal quickly.

Then, your wound site can take far longer to heal than you would have liked. Instead of lapping up lattes, opt for water instead.

6. Spicy Food

After boring and bland hospital food, you may be craving a spicy Vindaloo or your mum’s famous curry. However, you may have to wait a little longer – especially after stomach surgery.

Any kind of surgery which involves your stomach, intestines, or bladder, means you should avoid spicy food that can cause irritation, bloating and and other issues

High-Fat Food

tomach surgery can mean you’re on a diet of plain crackers, water, and not a lot else. With all that boring food, it’s not uncommon to dream about French fries and burgers.

For the first wee while, you may like to stick with those crackers. High-fat food can cause pain, diarrhea, and bloating. It’s not worth the added discomfort and risk to your wound site

8. Red Meat

Depending on your surgery, red meat should be something you should avoid for weeks – if not months. If you had stomach surgery, the wait could be even longer.

While there’s nothing quite like a delicious steak, your health is more important. The gristle and meat fiber can cause all manner of stomach problems and constipation – adding to the pain and discomfort you already have.

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